• Real energy

    Do you trust on your meter? Real Power, Apparent Power or Reactive Power, witch one matters? Witch of those you pay to your utility company?

  • No data loss

    Internet is down? No problem, the device won't loose samples. Because only reliable data matters when you have to make decisions.

  • 3 channels available

    Because 1 woundn't be enough, with the same device you can measure 3 different branches on your building.

How it works

The device uses optical sensors to read the flash/led that exists in utility meter.

- No data loss. All samples will arrive to the server and are available to you.
- No hubs and extra devices. The data is sent directly through the selected Wi-Fi network.
- On "My ePower" area you have power, energy and cost.
- On "Readings" section you have TOTAL (Simple and/or triple scheduled) and partial counters, which you can trust.
- Real time tool that shows power on all sensors.
- Want to know how much you spent June last year? You can get it. Select any time range window to measure the energy you sent (minutes, hours, days, months or years) any time.

You have graphs with 15 sec. resolution for power.
You have a graph that shows the difference between any 2 sensors.
The graphs have 1 hour minimum resolution for energy (KWh) and cost (Eur).

Why choose ePower?

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    No data loss

    Take it easy! The device is smart. It stores the samples when it's not possible to reach the servers to upload. Later when internet links up, all data will be uploaded.

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    3 channels in 1

    Technologie is pushed to the limit. All channels with the same features. You pay 1 and get a device that can monitor 3 different branches on your power grid.

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    Real time data

    Samples each 15 sec. for Power and Energy (KWh) with Total/Partial counters in any time range. Moreover, you can download .CSV files with all your data.

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    Data security

    Data is encrypted. To ensure only the owner has access, it's used different encryption techniques during samples upload to the server and configuration mode.

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    60 days money back

    Because only happy costumers matters, you get time enough to verify the power of this solution. If you are unhappy, you will get full full refund less the shipment costs.

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    4 years warranty

    Get peace of mind. Your investment is completely granted. Because we believe in this solution , it's completely granted for manufacture defects.

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Web access

MyePower Access

Free access for life on first 50 customers. After that free on first 2 years access included.
All prices have a "low cost" policy forever.
You can use the "DEMO" user account to access MyePower section and see for yourself (login and password are avaiable on MyePower webpage)